3 really simple yet effective Super Budget Friendly “real guy” Makeovers

Guys, upping your style game doesn’t need to be hard or cost a lot of money.  We took 3 style duds and made them style studs while allowing each of them to stay in their comfort zone.


Paul wants to meet a lady, his issue is he’s 5’4” and still dresses like he is in the 9th grade.  His go-to look is graphic tees and shorts. We want to help Paul look like a grown-up and hopefully meet the lady he has been looking for. 

By trading in  his shorts for a pair of Express Skinny Med. Wash Hyper Stretch Jeans we elongate the look of his legs, automatically making him appear taller. 

We used one of his own graphic tees because he loves them and truthfully we don’t hate them. Besides we want him to feel like himself. The point of a makeover is to be you- just elevated.  

We added a fun rich wine colored tuxedo vibe  JF J.Ferrar Evening Edition Mens super slim fit sport coat    that also helps him appear taller by elongating his torso.  

We chose a pair of black dress boots for him so we could drop in our secret weapon-  shoe lifts giving him three extra inches making him stand 5’7”. Literally, elevating his look!


Hassan actually showed up to a blind date dressed as he is in his before pic. WTF????

We get it; he is a personal trainer and is in the gym most of the time but come on, dude! 

We went with the full athleisure route for him.  Putting him in a look that can go directly from the gym to dinner and anywhere in-between.  
Proving you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style,  we chose a pair of MSX by Michael Strahan Premium Stretch Open Bottom Pants.  They look like regular pants but are as comfortable and perform just like sweats.  We swapped out his sweatshirt for a nice cotton knit ¼ zip and then to polish off the look, we topped it all off with a MSX By Michael Strahan Light weight Bomber Jacket and Sketchers Cliffhaven shoe. A Soft “DressKnit” fabric lace up oxford with a Memory Foam Lux insole.  This is a shoe that performs like a sneaker. Not one ounce of comfort was sacrificed in this look.


We love Daniel’s personal style! The issue is his look does not work for his job.  Daniel works for the UN and the corporate culture lends to the conservative.

Since we feel Daniel’s look works for him we definitely did not want to lose his fun bold vibe so we started with a high blue suit by JF J.Ferrar  and then paired it with this fun blue floral dress shirt . By keeping the colors bold but in the same family and  buttoning up his shirt just one button higher we have given this otherwise very bold look, a very chic and sophisticated office vibe.