6 Celebrity Examples of Effective Style Identities

When it comes to connecting with your audience, your wardrobe and appearance overall plays a much more significant role than you may realize. The image you project is vital to establishing a relationship with your audience and maintaining that relationship over time. Your wardrobe makes a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and how you want your viewers to perceive you. Viewers notice effective signature looks; consistency in appearance enables viewers to feel they know you, so they keep tuning in. Here are a few folks who do their distinctive signature styles proud:

JIMMY FALLON – nails a sleek, sophisticated style with a vintage vibe. His suiting tends to be solid, as do his shirts, and his ties are retro-skinny with stripes or subtle prints. His pieces may be simple, but they allow his personality to shine. Jimmy’s style combo of modern lines and classic newsman proportions seal his status as today’s king of late night.

WALT FRAZIER – knows how to stand out in a crowd. His style is not for everyone, but he pulls off a print like no one else. His look is in one word – LOUD! Like his personality, his look is flashy, fun, colorful, and entirely unique. His audience responds to his signature style on the regular with enthusiasm and loyalty.

MICHAEL STRAHAN – has a sophisticated aesthetic that is enhanced by bold color and pattern. His look is debonair with a punch of swagger and lots of print. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to print either – whether it’s checks, florals, or geos, his combos are brilliantly paired, making Michael one of TV’s most versatile style stars.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD – is known for her dark square glasses and choppy blonde hairstyle. Although her wardrobe also remains extremely consistent – mostly solid dresses and separates in bright shades, her face is the most effective element of her style identity. Keeping a similar look over time but tweaking the look slightly to stay current has kept her instantly recognizable and highly dependable in viewers eyes.

ERIN ANDREWS – is one of broadcasting’s greatest tv-friendly fashionistas. Erin rocks a blazer like nobody’s business but is anything but stuffy and corporate. Her pieces are tailored, modern and colorful, and feature interesting details that give her looks a luxe aesthetic. She keeps it simple but interesting and looks polished enough for news, but casual enough for the sidelines.

MICHELE OBAMA – may have made a signature style change over the past year, but per usual, her image consistency and flair is intact and forceful. As first lady Michele took a page out of Jackie O’s book with ladylike A-line printed dresses.  These days she is all about the power suit of today – embracing menswear details and prints and playing with volume.  On Michele, the power suit lives up to its name.

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