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Alexis Barbosa Headshot


Meet Alexis Barbosa, a rising star at Acton Style Group, whose journey began as an intern and has since evolved into an accomplished stylist with unparalleled instincts and an impeccable eye for detail. Alexis's passion for fashion and commitment to her craft have been evident throughout her career, allowing her to excel in her role and take the lead on many of Acton Style Group's premier projects.

Alexis's expertise extends beyond the realm of sports and events. She has made significant contributions to the world of episodic television and feature films, including notable productions such as "Orange is the New Black," "FBI," "Raising Kanan," "Hustlers," "Tommy," and "Half Empty." 

As Alexis continues to reach new heights in her career, she remains a vital asset to Acton Style Group, consistently delivering top-notch results and leaving a trail of satisfied clients in her wake.

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