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Dress Like A Rockstar, Man

06.04.2019 | Blog At one point or another we’ve all dreamt of becoming a rockstar. I mean, what’s not appealing about making millions from playing music, partying all night, sleeping all day, and seeing the world on a private jet. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen for most of us. Our garage bands fell apart and we so...

Seven Fashion Sins to Commit Before You Die

14.03.2019 | Blog

Fashion is all about change – it’s a constant evolution. Despite the continuous state of flux that is style, there has always been one constant – rules.  Rules as they say though, are meant to be broken. Whoever “they” are, we agree with them – especially when it comes to fashion rules. 


7 Simple And Straight Forward Ways To Connect More Effectively

07.03.2019 | Blog

Wanting to feel noticed, acknowledged, and heard is something most of us can relate to.  So, you’d think it would be really easy to make others feel like we care, are listening, and that they matter. So let’s do something about this.

Color For the Corporate Man

27.02.2019 | Blog

Your wardrobe communicates more to colleagues and clients than just your personal style – it makes a strong impression about your role, attributes, and even accomplishments.  It’s a fact – people who appear polished get more respect because they look like bosses. 

Red Carpet Ready in 5 Days

19.02.2019 | Blog

Oscar week is officially upon us, and the countdown has begun!  In honor of the Academy Awards, let’s get swept up in the glamour, make like an A-list nominee, and get red-carpet-ready. These daily tips will work their magic on or off the red carpet and will have you ready for your close-up.


New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019: Our Must-Try Trends

14.02.2019 | Blog

Fashionistas from near and far have descended on Manhattan the past few days for a visit to their mothership – New York Fashion Week 2019.  The shows have not disappointed, and we’re spotting trends on the runway we can’t wait to rock in real life. 

How-To’s For the Modern Man: Wearing a Suit With Sneakers

05.02.2019 | Blog

Thanks to style stars like David Beckham, Idris Elba, and Kevin Hart, the suit-sneaker look is the menswear trend of the moment, and any mover and shaker should give it a try.  It’s effortlessly cool, plus who wouldn’t love wearing sneakers to work all day?

The Super Bowl-Bound Business Woman: Packing Light for Game-Day Weekend

31.01.2019 | Blog

You’re going to Super Bowl!  Whether you’re rooting for the Rams or Patriots, it’s so exciting to be where the action is.  What to wear to lots of activities packed into this one weekend, all of which require appropriate, comfortable outfits?

The Super Bowl-Bound Business Man: Packing Light for The Big Game Day Weekend

31.01.2019 | Blog

Your Super Bowl trip will jam packed this  weekend is not just the showdown between the Patriots & the Rams in Atlanta.  It’s a lot of pressure – you want to be comfortable and prepared, and what to wear is the last thing you want to worry about.

6 Celebrity Examples of Effective Style Identities

15.01.2019 | Blog

When it comes to connecting with your audience, your wardrobe and appearance overall plays a much more significant role than you may realize.  The image you project is vital to establishing a relationship with your audience and maintaining that relationship over time.

Long Live the Hand-Written Planner

18.12.2018 | Blog

If you’re like most of us, you’re a cell phone addict – even when it comes to note-taking and to-do lists.  We’d however like to make a case for the notebook.  Here are a few reasons to go retro-cool and give the notebook a...