Dress Like A Rockstar, Man

Dress Like A Rockstar, Man

At one point or another we’ve all dreamt of becoming a rockstar. I mean, what’s not appealing about making millions from playing music, partying all night, sleeping all day, and seeing the world on a private jet. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen for most of us. Our garage bands fell apart and we sold out to corporate America (losers). But that doesn’t mean there’s not an inner rockstar in all of us, and it also doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let it shine (within reason). Here’s how:

1. Leather

As bad ass as leather looks on Slash, it typically doesn’t work for most guys in real life. Lucky, there’s plenty of leather options out there that are sure to work for almost anyone. Anything from jackets, belts, boots, or bracelets will do the trick. You can even take your inner rockstar to work by pairing a leather neck tie with a sleek black suit and a white dress shirt for a distinctive rockstar-meets-executive level of cool.




2. Layering

Nobody looks cooler than Steven Tyler screaming in a sea of scarves, but let’s be real- unless you’re on stage it’s really nothing but a spectacle and a fire hazard. There are other ways to pull off layering without making you the talk of the town. Try throwing a vest over a button up like Johnny Depp (make sure you roll the sleeves). If it’s cold, you can add a scarf. That means one, not two or ten. Remember, you’re going to the board room, not on tour!




3. Above Average Jackets


Rockstars like Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart slay the bold blazer look. From bright colors to bold prints, sequins to satin, their looks are off the charts. We are totally inspired by these looks, but let’s tone it down a notch for real life. Try a suede sport coat in a deep and rich color. Navy is pretty safe across the board, but if you’d like to make a statement, try eggplant or emerald. This look says “I rock, but I still mean business”


4. Bold Belts


A statement belt is the perfect way to pull your entire look together. Jim Morrison was always good for this. Although he mainly wore a white or black top with a pair of leather pants, his belt was always on point and gave that rockstar-in-the-rough vibe. Go for bold buckles and metal embellishments. If you’re looking for something a little less shiny, try animal skin, bold color, or distressed leather.


5. Boots


Boots are a staple in any rock influenced outfit, but we recommend going a little less Manson, and a little more Sting. So, let’s save the Doc’s for the mosh pit, and wear a sophisticated chelsea or brogue to the office. This says “I’ve grown up, but I can still kick your ass”.


When all is said and done, the clothes are cool, but regardless of what you’re wearing it’s your attitude that truly makes you a rockstar!