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Krysta Stasi Headshot


Krysta graduated from FIT with a BFA in Fabric Styling and an AAS in Textile Science and possesses a unique combination of artistic vision and a deep understanding of materials, setting her apart as top talent in the industry.

As the senior director of styling and strategy at Acton Style Group, Krysta's passion for fashion permeates every aspect of her work. Her innate talent for bringing out the best in every individual has become the cornerstone of Acton Style Group's success, consistently elevating their offerings to new heights.

With an unyielding commitment to precision and creativity, Krysta ensures that each client receives an exceptional, personalized experience. Her meticulous approach and creative flair result in well-fitted and visually captivating looks that leave a lasting impact.

Krysta's most noteworthy contributions has been her instrumental involvement in styling clients for premier accounts. From NBC's coverage of numerous Olympic Games to distinguished NBC Sports shows, as well as numerous private and corporate clients, Krysta's expertise has shone through in every project.

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