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On-Air Talent 

The benefits of a well thought-out individual style identity go beyond a more polished appearance. It will instantly make you a more effective, and consistent representative of “your brand.”

Every aspect of the network’s brand has been given painstaking consideration to ensure that viewers are drawn-in visually the instant they tune-in.

As the face of the program, the paramount brand representative, and the largest and most powerful element of “the network packaging,” it is to your benefit to invest the effort necessary to create an appropriate, consistent, and well-received style identity.

The Acton Style Group will provide you with the skills, tools, and information required to create and develop a individualized style identity while incorporating the multiple aspects of your roles at work, personal career goals, as well as your company’s corporate culture.

Our services allow you to focus more on your job, the show, it’s content, and your personal performance without squandering valuable time and energy questioning your appearance.

We work to create the best possible image for you, your career goals and the development of your personal brand.

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