Why Choose Acton Style Group For Business Style Identity Services?

If you want to be the best in your business, the first impression you make is often critical to your success. Acton Style Group acknowledges the importance of an effective first impression and understands how you appear to others is often more important than your choice words or actions. Studies show that people who appear polished are more successful in business, while also presumed to be kinder, warmer, more sincere, sociable and that A properly curated professional style identity can accelerate careers. At Acton Style Group we can give you the knowledge and tools necessary to create and execute a style identity that can propel not only individuals but entire corporations forward toward greater success. 


What Do the Studies Say About Dress and its Impact on Performance?

According to an article published by Inc.com the clothes you wear change the way in which you perform. Like it or not, your clothing tells a story about you and communicates volumes about you as a person. It isn’t about whether you care about fashion, it’s about what you communicate intentionally or unconsciously through your fashion choices.

It’s astonishing to see how the right clothes bring acting performances up to a whole new level and transform the actor into the character. The same goes for business professionals!

When you’re choosing your look, consider what it says about you and whether it is in line with the message you want to communicate. Research from ScienceDirect suggests that one can tell a lot about someone’s personality, status, age, income and even politics just from looking at their shoes! 

It’s all about context, for example, if you work for an investment firm, a simple tie can make you look reliable, rooted in tradition and serious about the bottom line. At the same time, a simple tie can come off as stuffy and resistant to change if you work for a startup. 

Take a lesson from former President Barack Obama and play to your audience with your look.  When Obama would speak to a crowd of working-class Americans, he would ditch the jacket and roll up his sleeves, silently and instantly communicating to the audience that he too was a hard worker, just like them.

Dressing well makes us feel good and feeling good automatically boosts confidence. New research shows that this is because your style and dress actually impacts how you think.

According to a study by researchers at Columbia University and California State University Northridge, the way you dress can improve your mood and lead to more big-picture thinking. 

This study found that dressing professionally increases abstract thinking and gives people a broader perspective. The study also states that, “the formality of clothing might not only influence the way others perceive a person, and how people perceive themselves, but could influence decision making in important ways through its influence on processing style.”

That gut feeling, also known as intuition or a first impression, is part of the very fast-paced mental process of thin-slicing, or how we are constantly judging books by their covers. The brain processes visual details instantaneously and makes millisecond judgements based on the visual stimulus without our conscious awareness. We might just get a feeling that we don’t trust someone, or that someone is reliable, and we may not even know why.

That being said, choose your personal style identity with care. You are always on display for others to view and judge.  Put your best foot forward, as long as you have on the right shoes!


Why Work With Acton Style Group For Business Style Services For Your Company?

Acton Style Group is a reputable and result-oriented talent visual brand management team, with our foundation built on the knowledge that image is a powerful tool. Our targeted approach to strengthening brands by creating unique visual style identities for not just a company’s individual employees but, for the business as a whole is unmatched.

“Dress to impress” means a lot more these days and there are several ways in which this can impact your company as a whole. Acton Style Group professional styling services can help your employees stand out amongst the competition, make a positive first impression and best represent your company “by looking the part”.

Acton Style Group knows that when it comes to style there is no one set of rules. Your employees’ personal style should be right, not only for the individual employee and their role at work but for your company’s brand and corporate culture as well. We, at Acton Style Group, are experts at merging the style needs of the individual as well as the company’s visual brand as a whole. 

For decades, Acton Style Group has been providing the leaders of business, broadcasting, news, and entertainment with the means to strategically project brands and personal image in the most powerful way.  Our impressive client list includes as well as CBS, IBM, ABC, The Weather Channel, Tristar Products, The Golf Channel, Telemundo,  as well as NBC Sports Group’s premier properties – Football Night in America, The Olympics, and The NHL on NBC. 


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